About Me

Hey guys! I’m Danielle, lover of YA fantasy, contemporary romance, and the owner/creator of Forever Booked Up.

I have always loved books — the smell, the covers, browsing bookstores — but admittedly, have been a very on-and-off reader over the years.

As a child, I loved solving mysteries with Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, and escaping to faraway lands with my friends in The Magic Treehouse.

In my teen years, I loved angsty teen dramas like the Private and Twilight series’ and goofy rom coms like Confessions of a Shopaholic.

But between juggling school, work, and a social life, my love for reading really took a backseat. I read maybe 1-3 books a year. And at the time, that was sufficient.

Flash forward almost 10 years later to January 2019. After watching the Netflix movie, To All The Boys I Loved Before, I decided to pick up the series. And from there, my passion for reading was reignited.

In January 2020, I started my bookstagram account as a way to connect with other readers. I already LOVED following book accounts and thought it would be a fun way for me to interact with the community.

And now, June 2020, I decided to start the Forever Booked Up blog so that I could share even more with the community that I love.

So here we are. And if you have read this far, you are a total trooper and I’m SO happy you’re on this journey with me.

So that we can get to know each other a bit better, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. My favorite genre is YA fantasy. I’m a total daydreamer, a mental escapist, and fantasy books really feed my soul when I’m seeking that release from reality.
  2. I live in Minnesota with my husband. We have no kids, no pets — it’s just the two of us and for now, I love it that way.
  3. I also run a lifestyle blog, which is super fun, but honestly, I’m way more passionate about books so I’m much more excited about this one.
  4. I have never read the Harry Potter series (I know, I know) and as much as I truly do want to read them, they just keep getting pushed further down on my tbr. Maybe one day…
  5. When I’m not reading, you’ll catch me playing Sims, watching YouTube, or binging my favorite shows, New Girl or How I Met Your Mother.